Nut-Free Skincare should be a top priority in 2022

Tree nut allergies are a common issue in the United States. It affects almost 2% of our population, which is quite high and averages out to a little over 3 million Americans. These allergies are one of the eight most common food allergies in American households today. As you can see, food allergies affect one in every 12 people.

Most skincare brands don’t really think about these issues that affect so many people. So we have decided that it is past time to focus on this issue. We want to help you get the healthy skincare you need for these types of skin issues.

We have been thinking about this skincare issue a lot lately. So far we have created one luxurious nut-free body lotion in 12 scent choices. But we know that one nut-free product is not enough, so we are doing some research now to create some new recipes.

We are interested in creating a whole new nut-free skincare line for people just like you.

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this common skincare topic!