Homemade Lotion Recipe

Recipe by Southern HomemadeablesCourse: Skincare Recipes, homemade skincare recipesDifficulty: Beginner, Easy
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Learn to make your own homemade lotion and save money. You can use any oil or butter combo you want for your lotion recipe.


  • Soybean Oil – 4.64 oz

  • Shea Butter – 1.28 oz

  • Distilled Water – 25 oz

  • Emulsifying Wax – 2 oz

  • Fragrance Oil – 0.35 oz

  • Preservative – 0.16 oz


  • First thing to do is start the distilled water in a double boiler and simmer for at least 30 – 45 minutes.
  • While your water is heating, in a different bowl or pan, melt oil, butter and wax mixture together. The key to the perfect lotion is getting the oil mixture and water to the exact same temperature.
  • Once both bowls are heated, then remove them to both sit and cool down just a bit.
  • Now once both mixtures have cooled down to at least 100 degrees, add your fragrance oil and preservative to the oil mixture and whisk together good.
  • Next step is one of the most crucial. Slowly whisk your oil mixture into the bowl of water until it looks nice and white with foamy stuff on top of the mixture.
  • For the next couple of hours, you will need to mix and whisk the lotion mixture at least every 15 minutes until it thickens and all the foam on top disappears.
  • Once it reaches the full creamy thickness it is ready to put in to lotion bottles or containers.
  • Use a kitchen funnel to add your homemade lotion to your favorite bottles or containers.


  • This homemade lotion is made with preservatives, so it is good for at least one year. Enjoy!