Thick Homemade Body Cream Recipe

Recipe by Southern HomemadeablesCourse: Homemade Skincare Recipes, Skincare RecipesDifficulty: Beginner, Easy
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Learn to make your own thick and rich homemade body cream. Making your own homemade creams and lotions can help save you money.


  • Olive Oil – 1.92 oz

  • Shea Butter – 2.25 oz

  • Emulsifying Wax – 2 oz

  • Fragrance Oil – 0.20 oz ( optional )

  • Preservative – 0.16 oz

  • Distilled Water – 24 oz


  • Add your water to a metal bowl and place over medium heat on a double boiler. Allow the water to heat for at least 30 minutes until very hot.
  • Mix your oil, butter, and emulsifying wax together in a different bowl and heat until fully melted and mixed.
  • Now allow both bowls to cool down to the same temerature, about 100 degrees.
  • Once they reach 100 degrees, add your fragrance oil and preservative to your oil mixture and mix well.
  • Next you will slowly whisk your oil mixture into the bowl of water and blend together good until you see the foamy stuff on top and the mixture has turned white.
  • To get the thick and creamy homemade body cream we are desiring, can take some time. So for thext 60 – 120 minutes you will need to stir good every 10 – 15 minutes until mixture has come rich and creamy like a body cream.
  • Allow your cream to sit and fully cool before adding to your favorite jars or containers. That’s it. Enjoy!


  • This homemade body cream is made with preservative. It should last 12 months with a great preservative in it.