Homemade Body Butter Recipe

Recipe by Southern HomemadeablesCourse: Homemade Skincare Recipes, Skincare RecipesDifficulty: Beginner, Easy
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Learn to make your own homemade body butter and save money. If you want the cute swirly look like in the picture above, just use a cake decorating set to fill your containers. You can use many different style decorating tips to achieve the look you desire.


  • Soybean Oil – 17.60 oz

  • Shea Butter – 12.80 oz

  • Fragrance Oil – 0.32 oz

  • Mica Colors – 0.16 oz

  • Arrowroot Powder – 4 tbspn


  • First, melt your shea butter and soybean oil together on low in a double boiler and let it simmer for at least 30 minutes to kill all bacteria that may be present.
  • Let your butter and oil mixture cool to room temperature.
  • Now you can add, the mica colors and fragrance oil to your mixture and mix in good.
  • Once again, now let your buttery blend sit until it becomes thick and buttery. This step can take anywhere from 30 minutes to about an hour, depending on the temperature in your home.
  • For the last step, add your arrowroot powder to the mixture and whip with your kitchen hand mixer. Whip until it gets to the desired whipped body butter consistency that you like.
  • Finally your body butter is ready to put into some containers or jars. Spoon the mixture into your favorite containers and store in a cool place or the refridgerator.


  • This body butter formulation is made without preservative. Without any preservatives, this blend will last from 6 – 9 months if stored in the proper temperatures. Products that are stored in warmer areas, will more than likely be good for 6 months or less.