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My Flower Pot Container Gardening Journey

Hi everyone! Welcome to week 3 of my flower pot gardening. It’s been three weeks since I officially started my natural gardening in flower pots journey, and I wanted to give you all an update on how things are going. And if you notice the white stuff in the pots, I’ll explain in a little bit.

Week 3 of My Flower Pot Garden

flower pot gardening fresh kale

Overall, I’m pleased with the progress and growth of my garden plants. The kale and lettuce are both looking healthy and seem to be growing well.

garden tomatoes growing pots

I’m also very excited about the tomatoes – the green zebra tomatoes are starting to sprout up and the rainbow cherry tomatoes are looking very healthy too.

tomatoes growing in flower pot garden

The basil seems to be doing the best out of all the plants so far. We have one little lonesome alfalfa sprout that seems to also be doing ok. Who knew my flower pot gardening could be so fun? I love watching them grow and seeing the changes every few days. I can’t wait to use this gorgeous basil in some delicious recipes.

flower pot gardening growing sweet basil

Week 3 of My Container Gardening In Flower Pots

flower pot growing grand bell peppers

The peppers are perhaps the smallest of the plants growing so far. The grand bell peppers are looking pretty good, and I’m confident that the green bell peppers will be ready to put on some nice peppers soon


flower pot gardening green bell peppers

Now if you were wondering what the white stuff is in the pots, well let me tell you. Ever since I was a young girl, I had to help out with the gardens in my family. Whether it be pulling weeds out of the garden, or helping spread compost and picking vegetables off of the plants.

My mom had a few tricks to help grow a big beautiful garden that produces lots of healthy food. One of her all-time favorite gardening tips was homemade compost.

For our homemade garden compost, it is a super simple composting method. All you have to do is save your egg shells, tea & coffee grains, and fruit and veggie peelings in a large bowl, bucket, or container with a lid.

Save all of these ingredients up for 3 – 4 days and then spread the compost mixture over the soil of your garden plants. Because this mixture is full of nutrients for your garden plants, it breaks down into the perfect garden food to grow beautiful, food-producing plants.

kale growing in garden pot

I hope you can benefit from this post and learn to grow your own beautiful garden. My goal is to help us all get healthy and get off all the cancer-causing foods at the grocery stores. It is time to get back to a better way of living, where we the people matter and come first.

All in all, I can say that I’m thrilled with the progress of my natural gardening in flower pots experiment for the first phase. I can’t wait to see how my plants continue to grow and eventually give us some fruits for our labor. Stay tuned for more updates!