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Are you highly active on Social Media? Do you have a massive social following on those social networks? Do you run a blog? Do you have a large following on your blog?  If the answer is yes, we might just be looking for Influencers like you. We are a fairly new brand and we are trying to grow our business.  We make handmade beauty, body and skin care products that are natural and chemical free. If you are interested in becoming an influencer, then complete the form below and submit it to us to be considered. 

We offer three different Influencer options.

  1. We can send you completely free full size products to try and promote to your followers.
  2. We can host a contest or giveaway of our products on your blog or social network pages with a gift for you and a follower. 
  3. We can offer you a small cash contribution plus samples of our products to try and promote to your followers. 

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