About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to start and come up with our business idea.

Our story

First of all, I was tired of going to the store and buying all of these toxic body and skin care products that were just making my skin feel worse. I have a little bit of Eczema on both of my legs and the side of one knee. I started searching around online for recipes and formulas to make homemade body products. With trial and error, I tried a few recipes here and there until I got them just right. Next, I researched the benefits of all of my ingredients to see what product was good for which products and conditions. After months of research and trial and error recipes, I sat down one day and came up with all of my own recipes for each product that I make. Each product has it’s own unique blend and formulation. I started trying recipes for each item and using the products to see how good they worked for me. I then tweaked each recipe as I needed until I  got my product formulas down just the way I liked them. After using each of my products and seeing how great each one worked, I was amazed at the results. These products are pretty darn good for a newbie lol!

 I then decided to start myself an Etsy shop and start listing products for sale just to see how they did. To my amazement, I had my first order one week after opening my Etsy shop and listing a few products for sale. Sure it was only a $3 sale, but hey most people don’t even make a sale on there there first few months. So I was excited and I thought it was pretty cool. After working on SEO and researching ways to boost my sales, the orders starting picking up finally. Now after about having my shop for a little over 8 months, I have already made close to $1000 in sales on Etsy. Not too bad. I also just finished up doing a paid Vendor Event in Charlotte, Tn at Sweet Charlotte. For my first time ever doing an event like this one, I made over $1500 for just 3 days. We will definitely be attending this Holiday Vendor Event next year again. Make sure to stop by and see us out there next year in November – December 2022. Thank you so much for stopping by my homemade beauty and body shop. Check back on our website weekly for new handmade products!